Ad Hoc Committee

This committee was formed for the purpose of considering matters brought to the attention of the President or Board that do not fall within the purview of another committee.  Matters handled by the Ad Hoc Committee include:

  • Nominating candidates for the NAPABA Best Lawyers Under 40 Award
  • Applying for the NAPABA Affiliate of the Year
  • Making recommendations to the President or the Board when specific questions or special circumstances arise.

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Asian Pacific American Legal Referral Service

Through strategic partnerships, the Asian Pacific American Legal Referral Service provides Asian Pacific Americans with guidance on where they can go for assistance with legal issues.  The multi-lingual service serves as an entry point into the legal system for Asian Pacific Americans and assists them with navigating a legal system that would otherwise be inaccessible due to language and/or cultural barriers.  The Referral Service facilitates the placement of Asian Pacific Americans with an attorney, an existing legal services organization, or a pro bono program. Please note that this is only a referral service — CAPABA™ will not be providing any legal advice through this service.

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Community Affairs Committee

This committee encourages and facilitates CAPABA™ involvement in the community by offering opportunities to engage in various volunteer projects.

Recent examples of such projects include CAPABA™’s involvement in the Asian Pacific American Legal Referral Service, the 2010 Haiti Temporary Protected Status Project, the “Law Day” presentations at Hartford area schools, and the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund Twenty 10 Project Initiative.

Community Service Committee members are responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing all community service projects on behalf of CAPABA™.  The committee is currently recruiting active members to collaborate in various projects.

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Judiciary and Endorsements Committee

This committee seeks to unravel the mystery of judicial appointments in the state of Connecticut.  The Committee offers its members and friends with informational sessions on the process of judicial selection.  The Committee also evaluates and endorses candidates for the judiciary and helps to promote judicial, political, and bar appointments of qualified Asian Pacific Americans.

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Membership/Programs Committee

This committee seeks to recruit, retain, and encourage the active participation of members through engaging programming.  Besides planning social events, such as the Annual Luau, Lunar New Year Celebration, and Annual Dinner, CAPABA™ hosts and sponsors a variety of programs, events, panel discussions, and speaking engagements to provide its members with professional and career development, personal management, and networking opportunities.  In addition, CAPABA™ co-sponsors and hosts several programs with other bar associations on a local, regional, and national level.

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Mentoring Program

This committee assists law students and newly admitted Connecticut attorneys (0-3 years experience) to become successful by matching them with CAPABA™ members with shared interests. Mentees have an opportunity to gain information about the actual practice of law and to discuss other questions or concerns they have about law school or their careers with their mentor.

If you would like to participate in this program, please contact CAPABA™’s Mentoring Program Co-Chairs:

Sandra Lalli
Diageo North America, Inc.
801 Main Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06851

Ingrid Festin
Diserio Martin O’Connor & Castiglioni LLP
One Atlantic Street, 8th Floor
Stamford, CT 06901

Public Affairs Committee

This committee helps CAPABA™ quickly address requests for statements by reviewing these requests and presenting them to CAPABA™’s Board for approval. The committee also monitors legislative activity at both the federal and state levels that affects or could potentially affect the Asian Pacific American and legal communities. Requests include:

  • Requests for statements on current events
  • Requests to join statements
  • Requests to join amicus briefs

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Public Sector Committee

Many CAPABA™ members work for the government or in other nonprofit/public interest areas.  The Public Sector Committee addresses issues and concerns of Asian Pacific American attorneys in public service.  It also offers programming for CAPABA™ members by providing and sponsoring informational panels and discussions with Connecticut public service leaders.

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