CAPABA™ Membership

Welcome! We’d love to have you as a member. CAPABA™ membership comes with the perk of becoming an affiliate member of NAPABA. If your CAPABA™ membership is current and would like to renew your membership with NAPABA as an affiliate member, please email us at

Annual membership rates: 

  • $50.00 Member – law school graduate and/or admitted to Connecticut Bar or other state/territorial bar
  • $40.00 Judges/Public Agencies/Government
  • $1.00 Law Students – must be currently enrolled in law school
  • $50.00 Associated Member – individual with an interest in APA legal issues who is not a law student or admitted to practice law – this membership does not have voting rights

If you want to sign up or renew your CAPABA™ membership, please fill out the following form and email us at

NAPABA Membership

As a benefit of your CAPABA membership, you may become a NAPABA member! Interested in taking advantage of this benefit or simply need to renew? E-mail us at!

You can also support NAPABA by becoming a direct member by paying the $100 membership fee.  NAPABA will not issue refunds to affiliate members if they renew/activate a membership without utilizing the complimentary code.  

For questions regarding joining or renewing, please email the NAPABA membership team at

To learn more about your eligibility to vote as a NAPABA member, click here.